“MVV Everlearn aim to create a dynamic, interactive and practical learning environment that provides every participant opportunities for innovation, self-development.”

Learning Experience Management System Everlearn

Everlearn is a learning experience management system that helps organisations conduct and manage training more professionally, economically, and effectively. It is learner-centred and designed to maximise the learning experience, encourage participation, and enhance the learner’s engagement

  • Moreover, experts can easily perform administrative tasks through the dashboard with full features such as Course Administration, Training Content Management, Learning Resource Management, and Learner Management
  • Applying Blended Learning Method in which students can actively study theories at home and go to class to discuss with teachers.

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Digitalize training content

Training materials and content play an extremely important role in the long-term training process and strategy of the enterprise.

  • Instead of training with traditional content, which causes time-consuming preparation and logistics costs, businesses can completely digitize these documents so that they can optimize their resources and training potential.

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Knowledge Management System Evermind

Evermind is a knowledge management solution that is being used successfully in many companies who consider knowledge as a strategic asset. Evermind is built on the scientific basis of knowledge management and based on the APO Knowledge Management Framework model.
Evermind overall solution consists of 4 parts:

  • 1.Survey, evaluate existing knowledge assets
  • 2.Platform: Applying technology in knowledge management
  • 3.Content: Building the main content of knowledge suitable for the business
  • 4.User training: raising awareness, effectively using knowledge, building a culture of sharing

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